DHL - Everything & Nothing


Working for CNN Create we  produced a C-19 commercial for DHL acknowledging the current situation and how we are all managing to keep working throughout the pandemic.

CNN Create & UNWTO
In a unique partnership between the United Nations World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) and CNN, the Travel Tomorrow campaign inspires people to dream of destinations to visit and Travel Tomorrow, when it is safe to do so.

CHANEL - Beyond The Jar

Vienna, Austria September 2019

Working in Vienna for the Austrian part of the shoot was amazing to film in this epic library and laboratory.

Tissot T-Wave Bicolour - Valentine's Day
London, November 2019

Working alongside the campaign photographer for the new

T-Wave campaign we were able to capture some unique moments to help create these little vignettes for the new

T-Wave launch.

Hello Fresh - Pre Roll 2020

London, UK November 2019

Working alongside Riddell Films we shot this pre-roll commercial in a bespoke filming kitchen. Fun production to work on. All shot on FS7 with Zeiss CP.3's

This Super-Durable Plastic Film Grows Roses in Vietnam

Da Lat, Vietnam 2019

Growing roses in Vietnam just got a lot more sustainable,

thanks to an innovative new way of creating super strong plastic that’s up to 50% more durable. Find out how this plastic film changed the life of rose farmer Ngoc Cuong.

The Carbon-Eating Concrete That’s Reducing Emissions By 70%

New Jersey, USA June 2019

Concrete accounts for 8% of the world’s carbon emissions. But a new type of cement is here, and it can decrease the carbon footprint of concrete by an incredible 70%. Find out more about the history (and future) of cement below. This Great Big Story is by BP:

Tissot Heritage Navigator 1973

Lugano, 2018

As innovators by tradition, Tissot celebrates its historic ties to motor-racing with a re-issue of a seventies style chronograph. The Tissot Heritage 1973 proudly flaunts its membership of Tissot’s historic stable. It symbolises the partnership that brings together Tissot and the Kessel Classics racing team.

Serving Up Delicious Korean Tradition

Republic of South Korea, March 2019

Director of Photography & Editor

Chef Cho Hee-Sook has dedicated her 36-year career to researching and developing Korean cuisine. At the Michelin-awarded Hansikgonggan restaurant in Seoul, she offers a menu based on dishes once served at Korea’s Royal Palace. Thoughtful preparation deserves elegant presentation, and for that, Chef Cho prefers the natural look of hand-forged brassware called bangjja—an artform Master Lee Bong-Joo has dedicated himself to for over 70 years.

This Book Has Served Up Delicious Fare for Centuries

Republic of South Korea, March 2019

Director of Photography

At the end of 17th century, a woman named Jang Gye-Hyang compiled a recipe book filled with dishes preferred by nobles and how-tos on storing and fermenting food. The text, called Eumsik Dimibang, is as relevant today as it was then—just ask Kim Byung-Jin, executive chef at the Michelin-rated Gaon and Cho Gwi-Bun, a 13th-generation descendent of Jang Gye-Hyang.

Master Investor Show 2019

London, March 2019

The UK's largest event for private investors. Master Investor Show 2019, hosted on 6 April 2019 in London, featured keynote presentations from renowned investment experts, a wide variety of exhibiting companies covering all asset classes and services relevant to private investors, and around 40 corporate presentations.

Cycle Through Dubai’s Best Kept Secrets

Dubai, April 2019

For endurance athlete Mark Beaumont, cycling holds a special place in his heart. After all, he holds the world record for cycling around the planet. So when Beaumont discovered there was a growing community for cyclists in Dubai, he had to check it out. Along with enthusiast Stewart Howison, Beaumont bikes through vast deserts, picturesque hills and city landscapes, discovering some of the most scenic biking trails in the world. Join this dynamic duo as they uncover parts of Dubai you’ve never seen before.

Dirt Biking Through Dubai’s Sand Dunes

Dubai, April 2019

Part of the adventure series for GBS to promote Visit Dubai.

Born and raised in Dubai, Dana Miskulnig is a dirt bike champion inspiring girls all over the United Arab Emirates to take up the sport. The 25-year-old has competed in grueling races—including the Emirates Desert Championship—and loves the feeling of freedom, self-confidence and belonging dirt biking gives her. Join cyclist and adventurer Mark Beaumont as he tries to keep up with Dana on an exhilarating ride through the desert.

Incredible India - Choose Your Own Adventure

London, October 2018

Samarth Sharma paraglides over the flatlands of Rajasthan with ease, like a hawk at flight. After a short training period at the Bir Billing in Himalayas, he knew becoming a paragliding pilot was his ultimate calling. #IncredibleIndia

TwoFour54 Abu Dhabi TVC's

August, 2018

Editor & Colour Grader

A series of 5 commercials to be shown on the CNN network, I worked with the director to create these stories about the different media industries thriving in Abu Dhabi.

Great Big Story - Shell Eco-Marathon

London, August 2018

Camera Operator & Editor

Following the journey of the Saskatchwen Polytechnic mechanic team on their journey to the international finals for mechanical engineering prowess

Tissot BTS TVC

Paris, February 2018

Camera Operator & Editor

Filming the behind the scenes for Tissot's new advert we created several teaser videos for Instagram and Youtube with the final video released after the main TVC.

Tissot - Tony Parker & Team Katuchen

Annency, June 2018

Camera Operator & Editor

Filming the meet up of Tissot ambassador Tony Parker with the Katuchen Tour de France team on their rest day during the Tour de France.

Sky Ocean Rescue, Volvo Ocean Boat Race

Cardiff, June 2018

Camera Operator & Editor

Olivier Awards - Getty Images
London, September 2018
Camera Operator
(Red Carpet & Winners Interviews)
International Judo Federation
London, June 2017
DIT, Editor & AFX

Working onsite with the Director and DP allowed for a seamless edit and shot process. 

Director: Danille Lauren

DP: Johnathan Iles 

Steadicam Operator: Tom Walden             

Master Investor Show
London, March 2018
Producer, Director, Camera Operator & Editor

With a team of 3 crews we filmed, interviewed and captured the annual event of Master Investor. All main stage GFX and intro GFX for all of the Master Investor series was designed and developed for the client.

All of the editing of the talks on all 4 stages was undertaken by us too. 

Great Big Story - DUBAI

London, September 2017

Editor & Grader​

Working for Great Big Story to produce weird and wonderful stories from around the world, this great story about a paralysed, professional skydiver living in Dubai.

Tissot Swissmatic - The Pier

Neuchatel, Switzerland 2017

Camera Operator & Editor

Filming the behind the scenes of Tissot's new campaign gave us an opportunity to film some digital pieces. Working within the different set-ups we shot and edited 4 different social campaigns for Instagram & Youtube. 

Great Big Story - Korean Air

Seoul & Jeju island, South Korea, June 2017

On site DIT, Editor & Grader

Travelling to South Korea for Great Big Story to produce weird and wonderful stories from around the world, this great story about the process of farm to the clouds for Korean Air is a kitsch moment in storytelling. 

OMEGA - 2016 Rio de Janeiro Olympics

August 2016
Camera Operator & Editor

Working for the Olympic timekeeper OMEGA for the 26 days of the Rio 2016 Olympics filming events at OMEGA house alongside timekeeping equipment in and around the different venues. Major highlights were interviewing OMEGA Ambasssdors Michael Phelps, Buzz Aldrin and Jessica Ennis-Hill.

OMEGA - 2016 Rio de Janeiro Olympics

August, 2016
Camera Operator & Editor

Working for the Olympic timekeeper OMEGA for the 26 days of the Rio 2016 Olympics filming events at OMEGA house alongside timekeeping equipment in and around the different venues. Major highlights were interviewing OMEGA Ambasssdors Michael Phelps, Buzz Aldrin and Jessica Ennis-Hill.

Quirk Cycles and Building BloQs

January 2016



Filmed by the guys at Eve'll Industries, Building Bloqs gives craftsmen the space and facilities to make and create whatever they want.

London 2012 Olympic Torch Relay 

June / July 2012
Camera Operator & Editor

Working alongside 4 other cameramen and 4 producers, over the 70 days of the torch relay from the handover ceremony in Greece all the way to the opening ceremony we filmed and edited the journey of the torch and those that carried it. The footage we captured was used in the opening ceremony to tell the story of the torch with a captive audience of 1 billion people. 


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