• Jamie Roper

The Longest Road - Dangote

Updated: Jan 6, 2020

Having never been to the continent of Africa, I jumped at the opportunity to go and work there. My first time would take me to Nigeria. Landing in Lagos to meet the local crew and fixers, alongside our security detail too, we gathered all our kit and headed into Lagos. After we had the full team we then flew to Abuja. From Abuja it was a 3 hour drive to Obajana along some pretty hairy roads. The project would focus around the work the Dangote corporation have been producing as part of the investment into the local community. The 43km concrete road that they have built along the Obajana - Kaba road has changed many peoples lives. Two people tell this story.

Check out the website below.


Director - Haroon H. Syed

Social Media Manager - Jade Beard

Producer - Danielle Lauren

CNN Create

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