• Jamie Roper

ENI - Green River Project

Energy for Life looks at how ENI has helped fight poverty, curb malnutrition, create jobs and stimulate social and economic development, with 1300 employees in Nigeria, 90% of who are Nigerians. ENI's sustainability practices have shaped the country and helped countless lives. The team travelled to Nigeria to interview people whose lives and jobs have benefited from ENI's practices, crafting a portrait of ENI's sustainability projects, and a history of the company in the region through cinematic visuals. Filmed w. Sony FS7 & A7S & Zeiss ZFs. Dir./Prod. J.Harry Edmiston // Dir./Prod. Colin Hancock Camera. Nick Oloo // Sound. Pius Fatoke // Prod. Mgr. Bally Mahay CNN ADVERTISEMENT FEATURE :: http://advertisementfeature.cnn.com/2...

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